Hello, I am Ron Partain. I love history and have been red-pilled since 2003. I bring a unique perspective to the world, as someone who has always loved history and politics, but looks at events through a red-pill lens. My paradigm shift occurred in 2003, when I watched the documentary “911 In Plane Sight” by Dave Von Kleist. Everything I thought I knew, was turned upside down in the span of that 90 minutes, which charted my life on an entirely different course. Since that wake up moment, I have studied a variety of eras of history and events, which gives me my unique perspective on modern events, since it is all connected. Many sense, deep in their bones, that something is not right; I understand the how and why. I recently brought my understanding of the world into the crypto space. Despite a lack of any formal background in finance, I do understand historical occurrences and am convinced everything is connected, including our transition into the quantum financial system.