This page last updated: 5/16/2020

This list is shared as a directory for contact information of people covering Q Anon & The Great Awakening. The views and information presented by each content provider listed below are their own and not reflective of the views held by the editors of Q Gear. Q Gear believes in free speech and to allow all ideas spread by individuals within the movement to stand on their own merit. We leave it to you to decide whether or not to follow or support a particular person or channel.

Q Drop 3038: The Power Of Free Thought

The Q.ARMY Social Media Directory of DIGITAL TRUTH WARRIORS

This list of content creators is always being expanded, it is in alphabetical order based on first name.

If you know someone who should be on this list and is not, please contact us at using subject title “social media accounts.”

   This individual decodes Q drops

  This individual creates Q themed music

   This individual is an expert in the Constitution

Anon Decoder

Billy Joyce

Blue Collar Logic

Cynical  Skeptic

Digital Soldier

Educating Liberals


Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself

Gaffer Anon

James Woods

Jan Jekielek

John Burleson

Joshua Philipp

Kevin Sorbo

Kim Strassel

Liz Crokin

Luke Rosiak

National Notables

Paul Sperry

Philip Anderson

Q Nation

Quacky Don

Sean Cordicon

Severe Anon

Stroppy Me


Techno Fog

The Kate Awakening

Tribunal Watch

TRU Reporting

Weekend Warrior