Who’s Behind Q Gear

I am a Christian conservative (not Republican) and US Navy veteran who served during the first gulf war aboard the USS New Jersey and the USS Peleliu. I love my country very much and was completely disheartened by the two party system and direction of our country since the 1990’s. Regardless of who was elected, we saw higher taxes, less liberty and more government involvement in our daily lives.

The rich got richer and the poor got poorer and the middle class continued to shrink. Our jobs were exported out of the country, industries shut down, families destroyed for a variety of reasons, Christianity has been attacked on all sides while Islam is allowed to flourish. I red pilled in 2003 and as everyone knows, once you see things, you cannot un-see them.

I viewed the two party system as nothing more than a one party system with two heads, which gave the illusion of choice and different values. I became disengaged by 2008, and was despondent, discouraged and depressed. I did not vote in the presidential election of 2008, though I did vote in the primaries for Ron Paul in 08 and 12. I could not vote for McCain nor Romney, they were not very good candidates in my opinion.

How Did Q Gear Begin

In 2015, I got on board the Trump train, simply because he was an outsider, a successful businessman who I felt had a chance to bring some real and meaningful change to the political process. I do not worship a man, but I appreciated his message and agreed (for the most part) on the ideas he had for returning the United States to greatness.

One of my closest friends told me about Q in April of 2018 and devoured any information I could get on the subject. I am by NO MEANS an expert, but I am a believer and want to do my part in helping to spread the message of hope. I desire to work with like minded people who want to also spread the message of hope. I created this website, not because I want to get rich off the Q movement, but because I want to spread the word as quickly as possible. This endeavor cannot be furthered without money. I do not ask for donations, but if you like what I am doing and want to also spread the word, I ask you to buy something and display it so everyone can see.

It’s Time to Open your Eyes

As conservatives, we have been too silent for too long, we need to stand up together and show the world we ARE the majority and not afraid to fight for what we believe in.  The time has come!

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