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I am a Christian conservative and US Navy veteran who served during the first gulf war. In my time in the navy I served aboard the USS New Jersey and the USS Peleliu leaving the navy in late 1991. In my youth after the navy, I was a good Republican… I was anti Clinton, I listened to Rush Limbaugh every day, I read a few books here and there and thought I really knew what was going on.

I red pilled in 2003 and as everyone knows, once you see things, you cannot un-see them. As I looked back, I now realize regardless of who was elected, we saw higher taxes, less liberty and more government involvement in our daily lives. The rich got richer and the poor got poorer and the middle class continued to shrink. Our jobs were exported out of the country, industries shut down, families destroyed for a variety of reasons, Christianity has been attacked on all sides while Islam is allowed to flourish.

Prior the Trump, I viewed the two party system as nothing more than a one party system with two heads, which gave the illusion of choice and different values. I became disengaged by 2008, I was despondent, discouraged… depressed even. I did not vote in the presidential election of 2008, though I did vote in the primaries for Ron Paul in 08 and 12. I could not vote for McCain nor Romney, they were not very good candidates in my opinion.

I was on board the Trump Train from the minute he came down the escalator. I would never have imagined Trump would be as good as he has been. We are on the right track, the country is coming together.


“QGear Us is a Patriot and Veteran Owned Company that Stands by American Values, and our Constitutional Rights”.

We are a proud member of the WhiteHat Movement.
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The American people are experiencing an unprecedented level of oppression, in having their voices silenced by the deep state and globalist social media corporations. Now, more than ever, we are subjected to totalitarian resistance from all sides, as the establishment wages a war against Conservatives for exercising their constitutional rights. In response, we have created this movement to represent the voices that are being unjustifiably silenced. It is time that the American people speak, and we are the voice to allow them to do just that.

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Q Gear’s Mission

I wanted to do my part in the Great Awakening. By creating this website, I am able to help spread the word of Q and red pill people to the realities of our world. This is accomplished several ways

  1. Merchandise – When people wear Q Anon apparel, they are walking billboards of truth. This is just one-way information spreads.
  2. Patreon Support for YouTube content creators. YouTube and other social media have been censoring conservative content creators by not monetizing videos they create. By rendering content “unacceptable” at the upper levels of these companies, they essentially starve individuals who are trying to spread truth. If they cannot silence them, they starve them. Enter Patreon and other similar platforms. Patreon allows this website to channel profits into content creator accounts on a monthly basis helping these brave individuals to pay their bills and keep spreading the word.
  3. Directory of content creators. I am consistently adding more and more content creators to the list of those in this truth movement. If a social media company takes down someone’s voice, I do my best to help people reestablish the lost connection if links do not work. If you are a content creator and want to be listed or you know someone who should be on the list that is not, send the information to
  4. Red Pill information. There is a repository of information on this website of website links, videos and reading material for many topics, more is being added all the time.

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